The Palazzo

The 16th century palazzo has been inhabited by the Bacile di Castiglione family for nearly five centuries. Originally it was a castle which at a later date was transformed into a habitation.

The old fortifications, of medieval origins, were incorporated into the palazzo and it became a residential home by the beginning of the 17th century.

A second floor was built in the second half of the 19th century by Baron Filippo Bacile di Castiglione who needed to accommodate his 14 children.

Filippo later constructed the local railway line which today still connects Spongano with Lecce.

Until 1999 the palazzo was inhabited by Baron Fabio Bacile di Castiglione, the son of Giovanni, one of Filippo's 14 children.

Now Fabio's 6 children live at Spongano mainly during the summer months and his eldest grandson lives there, with his family, all year round.

My stay at Palazzo Bacile was indeed memorable. It was exciting to stay in the very old but very comfortable Palazzo. It was full of history. I pictured elegantly dressed guests of past ages dining in the very large dining room with its antique furniture. Sarah, our English hostess and married to Alessandro, could not have been kinder to me when I arrived with my suitcase missing somewhere en route from Australia to Italy. I have very fond memories of my time spent in Puglia and enjoyed painting scenes from landscapes and towns close by.

Sandra Shearer Smith, Australian artist – April 2008


Sarah & Alessandro Bacile di Castiglione

via P.E. Stasi 2/28b,
73038 Spongano (LE),

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Photos: Demuths, Paul Stuart, Julian Weaver